My name is Brianna!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.33.23 PMMy name is Brianna!

I just turned 33 years old.

I am a fertility physician.

Sometimes I feel like my life will fall apart if I don’t have ALL of the children I planned on having. My husband (and reality check) tells me this is not the case. But, the idea of having the family I have always wanted is what drives me to do what I do. I get up every day to help people make families — now or plan for them in the future.

I absolutely love what I do!

The best days are when I get baby pictures (or my personal fave – “bump” pictures). I get so attached to couples – I feel like I am always rooting for the best team. Not every day is a good day. Some of the worst days are when I have to tell a woman her ovaries don’t have any eggs left. These are the times I realize there needs to be more fertility awareness.

I was inspired to start this forum so women have a place to interact, ask questions and get real answers. Whether you are already a mom (but panic that your ovaries will fail before you can have more children), you know you want children, but just aren’t ready or you’ve been trying for a baby and wonder when you should see a specialist.

Follow along and ASK, ASK, ASK about fertility, egg banking, making a family as a single woman or same sex couple, measuring your reproductive lifespan – or any question you want to ask, but just don’t know where to find the answer.

Women of today want a career AND a family – and if we are proactive and plan for it, we can literally have it all.

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