How Much Sex Should You Have?

how-much-sex-do-you-haveWhy do we ask the questions we ask?!

Everyday I ask questions that make most patients uncomfortable, including “How much sex do you have”? I see them glance sideways at their partner and shrink into their seat.Β Is it ok to be saying it out loud?! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

YES! Please do!

We need to ask very direct, personal questions. It helps us to decide what diagnostic tests and treatment plan is best suited to your unique situation.🎈

When I ask my patients how much intercourse they have – what I’m really determining is if it is frequent enough to give the sperm and the egg a chance to meet!

If trying to get pregnant, how frequent is enough?!?!

Answer: 1-2 times per week (on most weeks) if you are not using ovulation predictor test kits or tracking your cycles.

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