Hey Guys, Is It Hard?

Is it hard for men? hard-august-16! 💪

YES it’s hard! It is really hard to get people to engage and learn about fertility – especially when they might not be experiencing it themselves (yet). 💤💤

However, I was at a wedding this weekend with some of our closest friends from residency. The topic of my “new blog” came up. It was (of course) the women who wanted to know if they should freeze eggs or how long they should keep trying to get pregnant before they seek help.

BUT, it was the GUYS, who were QUOTING the posts. The quotes that have my grandmother in Canada asking if I could remove them from my Facebook page (the family name is at risk). 😮
I thought maybe they just had skimmed over the headlines and moved on. But, their wives confirmed they had read every post. Perfect. Goal accomplished. 👏🏻👏🏻

Before I started this blog, I debated the tone. I wanted to balance my own personality with something that would be engaging – for both men and women. 👒🎩

My goal is not to offend people, or make light of a topic that has been shown to be as stressful as a diagnosis of cancer. But, it IS to grab people and have them learn about fertility. Fertility awareness is necessary. And it needs to be accessible to both men and women. Men, are different than women. Their brains are different. They require different strategies to reach them. They even require a little EXTRA attention because you have to develop the ability to decode what they are ACTUALLY asking.

☝🏻️Example: “What type of material is in the collection rooms?!” means👉🏽 “I’m terrified of giving a sample – how and where do you go about doing this?” 😳

☝🏻️And “What’s the most amount of sperm you’ve ever seen?!” means 👉🏽 “What’s the lowest number it can be and still be normal?!” (Also – I don’t actually “look” at the sperm – that is what the Andrologists do in the lab – I just interpret the report)😉

Women are naturally curious about fertility and don’t require much coaxing. But, hopefully I’m reaching people who might not have otherwise thought about infertility.

I want people to enjoy them! If there is any topic people want to know about – let me know! I’d be happy to address it! 💚 

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