How Much Sex Should You Have?

how-much-sex-do-you-haveWhy do we ask the questions we ask?!

Everyday I ask questions that make most patients uncomfortable, including “How much sex do you have”? I see them glance sideways at their partner and shrink into their seat.Β Is it ok to be saying it out loud?! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

YES! Please do!

We need to ask very direct, personal questions. It helps us to decide what diagnostic tests and treatment plan is best suited to your unique situation.🎈

When I ask my patients how much intercourse they have – what I’m really determining is if it is frequent enough to give the sperm and the egg a chance to meet!

If trying to get pregnant, how frequent is enough?!?!

Answer: 1-2 times per week (on most weeks) if you are not using ovulation predictor test kits or tracking your cycles.

Can Super Sperm Eat Through Birth Control?

Super SpermMy husband (left) once told me we didn’t have to worry about having babies… Because he had Super Sperm. ✌️ πŸ‘Š

The definition of Super Sperm (for those of us who aren’t familiar πŸ™„) : “The ability to conquer any birth control method – including the Mirena IUD”. He further informed me that Super Sperm “eat” their way through IUDs.

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