Best Day To Have Sex?!

best day for sexWomen are busy. We have grant proposals, election campaigns, interviews and ladies’ nights. 💥

💋 Sometimes people just want to know – what is the best day to have sex ?!

In the fertility world, we define “best” as the days with the highest chance of conception. The BEST day is the day of ovulation. Second bests are the 5 days BEFORE ovulation.

Why? Sperm last in the female reproductive tract for up to 72hrs. The egg lasts for 12-24hrs. The goal is to have all those sperm up there waiting when the egg arrives. You can get more sperm at the target location (fallopian tube) by having sex a few days before you know you ovulate, thereby increasing the chance the *one* will be ready and waiting! ⚡️

For women with a 28 day cycle, ovulation typically occurs on CD13 or CD14. If you start having sex every other day on CD10 and continue for 1 week – you shouldn’t miss your opportunity!

Note: If you have irregular cycles (longer than 35 days) – you likely ovulate later. Stay tuned for more info on this – we will get to this!

Last tip: When counting your cycle days – the first day of full flow is called (Cycle Day 1) CD1.

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