Best Day To Have Sex?!

best day for sexWomen are busy. We have grant proposals, election campaigns, interviews and ladies’ nights. 💥

💋 Sometimes people just want to know – what is the best day to have sex ?!

In the fertility world, we define “best” as the days with the highest chance of conception. The BEST day is the day of ovulation. Second bests are the 5 days BEFORE ovulation.

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My name is Brianna!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.33.23 PMMy name is Brianna!

I just turned 33 years old.

I am a fertility physician.

Sometimes I feel like my life will fall apart if I don’t have ALL of the children I planned on having. My husband (and reality check) tells me this is not the case. But, the idea of having the family I have always wanted is what drives me to do what I do. I get up every day to help people make families — now or plan for them in the future.

I absolutely love what I do!

The best days are when I get baby pictures (or my personal fave – “bump” pictures). I get so attached to couples – I feel like I am always rooting for the best team. Not every day is a good day. Some of the worst days are when I have to tell a woman her ovaries don’t have any eggs left. These are the times I realize there needs to be more fertility awareness.

I was inspired to start this forum so women have a place to interact, ask questions and get real answers. Whether you are already a mom (but panic that your ovaries will fail before you can have more children), you know you want children, but just aren’t ready or you’ve been trying for a baby and wonder when you should see a specialist.

Follow along and ASK, ASK, ASK about fertility, egg banking, making a family as a single woman or same sex couple, measuring your reproductive lifespan – or any question you want to ask, but just don’t know where to find the answer.

Women of today want a career AND a family – and if we are proactive and plan for it, we can literally have it all.